Finding My Life's Purpose with Meditation

The trials of the pandemic and quarantines created an immense doubt in me that I started to question my faith and even existence.

I tried my very best to find purpose and it was then that I got introduced to basic Reiki healing in the hopes that I can improve on my well-being and that of others, in turn.

But Reiki was not the end in itself. The learning sessions introduced me to meditation, deep meditation as a matter of fact.

As I grew deeper in my meditation knowledge, I began to see that I was more than just a living being fulfilling my work based on what I know. I began a deep spiritual connection that enabled me to see my life purpose on a wider perspective.

As I gradually became more in touch with my life purpose, and the messages of the Universe became clearer to me, that was when I discovered the power of manifestation.

Indeed, there are the widely known aspects of meditation: the breaths, the calmness, the emptying of the mind. However, the greatest rationale of meditation is finding out that we are all energies, and as we connect higher and deeper to our life force, that is where we discover that what we are and what we do is what we give out (to the world).

Perspectives absolutely turn 180.

I have to thank One Wiccan for appearing in the market with creations that very much aid in my meditation practices.

When I found out about One Wiccan Salt & Sage Spray, I became hooked. Applying this to my surroundings helped uplift the energies and environment around me thereby aiding in a very relaxed meditative state.

Most of my manifestations as of late are centered on amplifying my life purpose. These can be attained by increasing my creativity, faith, motivation and concentration.

The Aura Candles by One Wiccan were a welcome indulgence. There is such a thing as “candle meditation,” focusing on the flames, knowing that my intentions are being lifted above. Since each Aura Candle is energized (activated) by One Wiccan, the intention specific to the Aura Candle really does boost my meditations. I will attest to this that I can feel the strong energies.

I use the Blue Aura Candle to increase my creative spirits, Yellow to uplift my faith and focus, and Orange Aura Candle whenever I just feel the need to go into deep meditation for relaxation and refocus. Most probably I will go for the Green Aura very soon when I will start my meditation practices centered on prosperity.

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