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Affirmation Room Mist Collection 60mL in Six (6) Energy Affirmations

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We create our reality.

We are what we think, all that we are arises with our thoughts, with our thoughts we make the world.” – Buddha

Spray on One Wiccan’s Affirmation Room Mists, then breathe as you call on the energies of:

  • Calmness (i am calm) (fresh-cut rose scented)
  • Strength (i have energy) (minty espresso scented)
  • Joy (i am happy) (vanilla lemon pie scented)
  • Motivation (i am inspired) (floral tea-time scented)
  • Rest (i need sleep) (lullaby lavender scented)
  • Clarity (i am focused) (berry rosemary scented)

We have infused One Wiccan Positive Energies & Blessings into each mist.

When you spray, remember that – more than serving as manifesting aids – the scent will help you entrust your desire to the Universe for your greatest good.