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Enlightened Guide

Archangel Series Candles 7-in-1

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Enlightened Guide and One Wiccan's newest Collaboration.  The first of the Archangel Soy Candle Series. Each candle was set with the purest of intentions and positives Energies, channeled through the archangels.

Each candle represents a day of the week with specific intentions in mind:

  • Sunday is Blue for Archangel Michael intentions are Protection and Courage
  • Monday is White for Archangel Gabriel intentions are Communication and Understanding
  • Tuesday is Pale Green for Archangel Chamuel intentions are Love and Peace
  • Wednesday is Green for Archangel Raphael intentions are Healing and Alignment
  • Thursday is Violet for Archangel Zadkiel intentions are Benevolence and Forgiveness
  • Friday is Pink for Archangel Ariel intentions are Confidence and Co Habitation
  • Saturday is Red for Archangel Cassiel intentions are Temperance and Releasing Karma