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One Wiccan

Chakra Candle Series in 300g Jar – Seven (7) Chakra Identifications

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Chakra” – Sanskrit for “wheel”: the energy centers in your body, each corresponding to a color, element, & body part, governing emotions and states of being.

To function at their best, your Chakras need to stay balanced. Blocked Chakras lead to physical or emotional symptoms.

One Wiccan Chakra Candles – light it in your peaceful & clean* space, breathe the fragrance, enter a meditative state, and focus on aligning that Blocked Chakra, cleanse it, & fix that aspect of yourself that is out-of-balance.

What do you need to unblock and balance?

CROWN – Violet – Sahasrara – Universal Identity

  • Blocked by ego-attachment, you have skepticism in the Universe and of the signs around you.
  • Identified by brain fog, memory loss, & confusion.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I am one with the Universe.”
  • Musky Wood fragrance.


THIRD EYE – Indigo – Ajna – Archetypal Identity

  • Blocked by false illusions, you constantly go against – and deny – your gut instincts.
  • Identified by your lack of imagination and visualization.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I trust my wisdom and intuition. I see and think clearly.”
  • Spiced Citrus fragrance.


THROAT – Blue – Vishuddha – Creative Identity

  • Blocked by lies, as you are living on a lie.
  • Identified by your inability to express yourself & to communicate.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I am worthy of being heard.”
  • Gin Berry fragrance.


HEART – Green – Anahata – Social Identity

  • Blocked by grief.
  • Identified by your resistance to love and to show compassion.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I give and receive love effortlessly. I have the courage to listen to, and honor, my heart.”
  • Geranium fragrance.


SOLAR PLEXUS – Yellow – Manipura – Ego Identity

  • Blocked by shame.
  • Identified by your inability to connect with your body, & loss of control.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I am empowered.”
  • Neroli fragrance.


SACRAL – Orange – Svadhisthana – Emotional Identity

  • Blocked by your guilt.
  • Identified by the absence of belongingness, of sexual & creative energy, and of the ability to relate to your emotions as well as the emotions of others.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I am creative and inspired.”
  • Ylang-Ylang fragrance


ROOT – Red – Muladhara – Physical Identity

  • Blocked by your fears.
  • Identified by your inability to feel grounded, to withstand challenges, and to feel secure & stable.
  • Unblock, then affirm, “I am strong, grounded, and protected at all times. I am connected to the present moment.”
  • Amber fragrance.

We have put One Wiccan Positive Energies & Blessings into each Chakra Candle.

When you light, know that the Candle will help you with your need, and help you entrust your desire to the Universe for your greatest good.