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One Wiccan

Cord-Cutting Divination Candle Pair 250g x 2 (Set-of-2)

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Do you need to cut that cord for good?

If you are in a situation of exceptional difficulty in forgiving or letting go of someone or some situation that takes away your inner peace, or are in a karmic cycle throughout your relationship, leaving you drained and restrained…

…then it is time.

The cord-cutting practice cuts your karmic ties (“energetic cords” / “invisible bonds”), and thus frees you from those draining energies – energies that do not serve you or your highest purpose anymore – and enables you to take back your power.

Once the cords are cut, you will feel the burden gradually disappear. Then you can begin your road to healing.


The One Wiccan Cord-Cutting Candle* contains the mantra on one candle, and the directions on the other.

  • 100% Paraffin
  • in Black Currant fragrance

More importantly, we have infused One Wiccan Positive Energies & Blessings into each Candle.

As you light, know that the Candle will help you entrust this situation of yours to the Universe for your greatest good. In the end, YOU hold the key to your victory.