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One Wiccan

Love Connection Candle Collection 425g for Friendship, Marriage, Soulmates, Twin Flames or Karmic Partners

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It is the CONNECTION we can’t explain. It is the RELATIONSHIP that is unlike any other.” – Kirsten Corley

One Wiccan Love Connection.

Your significant other… matters.

FRIENDSHIP (bulletproof coffee fragrance):

  • Keep the harmony and support between you & your friend intact.
  • Attract friends, or strengthen the love you have for yourself; regardless, be open to constantly receive happiness and serenity.
  • A great gift you can give to your friend or to yourself.

WEDDING VOW (Chinese tea mélange fragrance):

  • Keep one at home and routinely light it up to maintain and magnify your marital bliss, or whenever disagreements arise.
  • And to keep the abundance, happiness, healthy communication, tenderness, and passion in your marriage.

SOULMATE (evergreen chamomile):

  • Develop an even deeper connection if you think you are already in the presence of your soulmate.
  • Ideally, your soulmate will be with you for a lifetime, but “even a day with a soulmate is a greater blessing then having never known their presence.”

TWIN FLAME (citrus fruit & spice):

  • Call forth your Twin Flame to begin your journey together, awaken your untapped potential, ignite a fire deep inside you, push you to do & be better, and open a world of possibilities you never even dreamed of.
  • Or if you already feel you are with your Twin Flame, keep her/him for life – that one who exactly mirrors your soul.
  • Ending up with your Twin Flame will be magical.

KARMIC PARTNER (forest floral fragrance):

  • Offer a candle-flame prayer to the one who will help you learn your toughest lessons and achieve the greatest amount of growth; to that one relationship that is intense yet turbulent.
  • And pray that – once you learn the lesson meant for you – let go… and heal.

We have infused One Wiccan Positive Energies & Blessings into each Love Connection Candle.

When you light the Candle that you need, remember that – more than serving as manifesting aids – the Candle will help you entrust your relationships to the Universe for your greatest good.