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One Wiccan

Manifestation Candle Series 300g in Four (4) Outcomes

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Nothing stands between your desire and your ability to manifest it into reality.

What do you need to manifest?

CUPID’S ARROW – Finding Love

  • Finding a lifetime partner/companion
  • Increase attraction
  • Enhance the passion
  • Strengthen self-Love

*in créme rose fragrance

*infused with amethyst crystals



  • For a healthy body
  • For a sound mind
  • For emotional stability

*in sunny lemon lime fragrance

*infused with rose quartz crystals


DAGGER & ROSE – Protect Against

  • Against negative energies
  • Against evil energies
  • Against negative people & things

*in sage wood fragrance

*infused with black tourmaline crystals


PARADISE – Prosperity Flows

  • Abundance mindset
  • Material Abundance
  • Spiritual Abundance

*in citrusy cedar fragrance

*infused with citrine crystals


A Mantra / Prayer Intention Card (specific to the Manifested Desire) is included in every candle.

We have put One Wiccan Positive Energies & Blessings into each candle.

When you light, remember that the candle will help you take powerful, aligned actions to achieve your goal, and help you entrust your desire to the Universe for your greatest good.