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One Wiccan

Moon Magick (Moon Manifestation) Black Candle in 100g Lidded Amber Jar – Four (4) Phases of the Moon

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The Moon is very powerful. Each moon phase is great for particular energies in our lives.

One Wiccan’s Moon Magick is at its strongest & most potent when used under the specific phase of the moon designated by the candle, and it is very important to time it.

With the candle, use the moon’s energy, and empower your intentions, plans, desires & dreams.

Best to possess the entire series to harness the moon’s energies all month long.

New Moon

  • Potent candle during the New Moon.
  • As you light the candle, start manifesting your dreams, goals or ventures.
  • Ginger Floral fragrance.

Waxing Phase

  • Potent during that period when the moon is slowly progressing from New Moon towards Full Moon.
  • As you light the candle, set your intentions into motion, focus on your dreams; then, be enabled & inspired as you to take action.
  • Cedarwood fragrance.

Full Moon

  • Potent during the Full Moon.
  • As you light the candle, realize your dreams & the full power for your intentions, and declare that you shall reap a bountiful harvest. Blessings are coming.
  • Black Currant fragrance.

Waning Phase

  • Potent during that period when the moon transitions from Full Moon to New Moon.
  • As you light the candle, pause & reflect, and let go of what does not serve you. Be ensured that you are on the right direction.
  • Eucalyptus fragrance.

In addition to the Moon’s energies, we have also infused One Wiccan Blessings into each Moon Magick Candle.

When you light, know that the Candle will help you entrust your desires to the Universe for your greatest good. Always know – nonetheless – that true Magick comes from YOU.