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One Wiccan

Sacred Geometry 30cm Crystal Grid Boards

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Align your crystals within the sacred geometric shapes of our Crystal Grids Boards – energized to empower you to express your intentions.

Follow your intuition, and choose your geometry for your desired intention, or as ideal spiritual gifts:

Flower of Life Crystal Grid Board - Invite the beauty of healing energy into any sacred space with a Flower of Life Crystal Grid Board. This aligns and amplifies the energy of a crystal collection, and unites the Divine nature of sacred geometry with intentions, creating powerful manifestations.

Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid Board - Let Archangel Metatron – the archangel associated with Kether (the Crown, the highest part of the Tree of Life) and with Divine knowledge and spiritual wisdom – energize your meditation, give you angelic & psychic protection, provide for you spiritual knowledge & wisdom, and cleanse you from negative energies.

Seed of Life Star of David (Flower of David) Crystal Grid Board - The Seed of Life is said to contain ancient, religious value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. In this sense, it is a visual expression of the connections life weaves through all living things. Best for crystal workers.

Sri Yantra Crystal Grid Board - The Sri Yantra’s nine interlocking triangles surrounded by the central point known as a “bindu” represent the cosmos and the human body; thereby, it graphs the harmonizing of all energy that eventually occurs throughout creation. Sri Yantra means “the most honored diagram.” Best to use this grid to detach from unbalanced situations, undertake new projects, stay focused & balanced, and to just allow the Universe to restore order to your life.

Star of David Crystal Grid Board - This grid connects the seven chakra spheres in your body together so that they can interact with each other to generate energy / energy shields. Because of its geometric symmetry, the Star of David greatly enhances the inherent beneficial energies of the crystals. Best for healers.

*Boards are laser cut from double-layer wood. Sacred geometry wooden wall grid: 30cm in diameter.

*Crystals not included.