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One Wiccan

Aura Candle Collection Black Label (300g/200g) in Five (5) Spiritual Scents

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Light up an Aura Candle to invite spiritually uplifting energies.

Choose from among five (5) scents depending on the energy that you need, and feel your spirit begin to lift:

PATCHOULI is a Mentally Grounding Scent that will bring balance to your life especially during times of confusion.

CINNAMON aids in Spirituality. It is a mentally stimulating, warm scent that will help you during your spiritual growth.

PEPPERMINT is a Cleansing/Purifying Scent. As an energy boosting scent while helping to clear the mind, Peppermint is “Pepp-erfect” as you search for Enlightenment.

GRAPEFRUIT is the Gratitude Scent. Cheerful & uplifting, light up a Grapefruit Aura Candle as you give thanks for all your Blessings. This is ideal as well when you feel mentally exhausted and just need to loosen up.

BERGAMOT helps to cope with grief, lift melancholy, or soothe anxiety. Let your troubled soul breathe in the Scent of Citrussy Bergamot as you start the process of moving forward in life.

Every One Wiccan product is cleansed, activated, & energized, thereby empowering the user to express her or his intentions for the greater good.