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One Wiccan

Essential Oil Collection 5mL in Five (5) Therapeutic Blended Scents

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Introducing One Wiccan’s Distinctive Essential Oils combining the power of aromatherapy and OW energies. Apart from smelling divine, our collection’s therapeutic scent blends are meant to bring about healing into your daily life.

Choose from these specific blends:

  • CALM has sandalwood & rose scents to reduce anxiety & stress.
  • ENERGY has coffee & water mint scents to revitalize all your senses.
  • HAPPY has vanilla & lemongrass scents to clear up the mind of negative thoughts.
  • INSPIRE uses lavender sage wood to boost mental clarity & motivation.
  • SLEEP has peppermint & lavender scents to ease restlessness & induce sleep.

Every One Wiccan product is energized & activated– empowering you to express your intentions for your highest good.