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One Wiccan

Essential Oils 5ml (0.17 fl oz)

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Let One Wiccan Essential Oils create a positive impact on your health & well-being.

Use it for aromatherapy and recharge your emotional center. Use it topically: a drop or two helps relax tired muscles, or creates a soothing soak.

Our premium Chamomile Essential Oil:

  • promotes peace & calm
  • reduces stress & anxiety
  • contains anti-inflammatory benefits (for muscle soreness, joint pains)
  • soothes insect bites


Our premium Lavender Essential Oil:

  • promotes restful sleep
  • eases headaches
  • helps ease bruises, burns & insect bites
  • contains regenerative properties to help soothe irritated & sensitive skin


Our premium Peppermint Essential Oil:

  • helps increase focus, memory & concentration
  • helps relieve headache symptoms & nasal congestion
  • alleviates bloating, nausea & upset stomach
  • nourishes dry skin & stimulates hair growth


Our premium Rosemary Essential Oil:

  • increases memory retention
  • improves skin hydration & elasticity
  • creates an energizing effect on the brain
  • fortifies the immune & respiratory systems


Our premium Sandalwood Essential Oil:

  • boosts the immune system
  • relieves respiratory issues
  • relaxes the nerves & muscles
  • grounds spiritually