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One Wiccan

Meditate Candle Collection Matte White (300g/200g) in Four (4) Scent Affirmations

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Fix your gaze upon the candle flame, and let your mind experience inner tranquility through meditation, prayer, or plain relaxation in order to refocus.

The Meditate Candle Collection improves memory & productivity, enhances patience & willpower, promotes love & balance, and strengthens intuition.

Choose from among four (4) scents depending on what you need to AFFIRM in your life:

SANDALWOOD for Clarity & Meditation

Affirmation: “I AM NOT ALONE.”

  • calms your mind & body while enhancing meditation where you can find inner peace
  • heals anxiety, nervousness & depression
  • for mental clarity & relaxation
  • treats insomnia, headaches & migraines


BLACK CURRANT for the Immune System

Affirmation: “I AM STRONG.”

  • boosts the immune system
  • promotes clarity & meditation


ROSEMARY for Focus and Retention

Affirmation: “I AM FOCUSED.”

  • best for meditation & clearing your mind
  • promotes a good immune function & digestion
  • enhances concentration & brain function
  • improves quality of sleep


LAVENDER SAGE WOOD for Love and Balance


  • harmonizes the mind & restores emotional balance
  • cleanses & creates a peaceful atmosphere
  • attracts loving energies & angelic beings


Every One Wiccan product is cleansed, activated, & energized, thereby empowering the user to express her or his intentions for the greater good.