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One Wiccan

Sacred Geometry Candle 100g

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After our Crystal Grids, One Wiccan now presents Sacred Geometry on our candles.

Sacred Geometry… representing God behind all creation.

Combined with your genuine intention, Sacred Geometry enables you to channel healing, protection & love into your everyday life.

Manifest your desires by contemplating on the candle’s light, so long as it is for your highest good, and the greater good of all.

Follow your intuition, and choose your geometry:

Metatron’s Cube – Allow Archangel Metatron to help bring universal energy for protection of yourself & your space, cleansing your energy field, and energizing your meditations.

Flower of Life – Its beautiful patterns evoke a sense of personal growth & self-belief. This is excellent for manifestation, and ideal as well for chakra work & meditative focus.

Seed of Life (a.k.a. Flower of David) – Its beauty lies in simplicity. Potent for balance, cleansing & healing, Seed of Life symbolizes a new beginning.

Sri Yantra – A source of pure energy, this powerful symbol can help you clear negativity & obstacles in your life, achieve a higher level of consciousness, and receive energies to go beyond your limitations & fears.


*The energies of Sacred Geometry are respectfully infused into each candle, along with One Wiccan’s own energies & blessings thereby amplifying the candles for their highest purpose.