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One Wiccan

Soul Therapy Collection Black Label (300g/200g) in Five (5) Scent Intents

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One Wiccan’s Soul Therapy Candles create therapeutic benefits for the mind, body & soul.

As you light the Soul Therapy, feel your purpose being brought to realization.

Choose from among five (5) Scent Intents depending on your purpose:

EUCALYPTUS for Energy and Willpower

  • an effective “wake-up” scent
  • increases strength & willpower
  • helps you cure bad habits
  • associated with the moon’s power & the element of water


POMEGRANATE for Fertility and Rebirth

  • promotes new changes in your life
  • expands the family


VANILLA as an Aphrodisiac and to Relieve Anxiety

  • boosts libido & loving relationships
  • relaxing & calming effect on the brain
  • relieves anger & restlessness


LEMON to Uplift and Heal

  • promotes clarity of mind
  • encourages spiritual healing
  • enhances psychic powers


ROSE for Inspiration and Guidance

  • uplifts motivation & enthusiasm
  • has the highest scent frequency to connect to the Divine for guidance


Every One Wiccan product is cleansed, activated, & energized, thereby empowering the user to express her or his intentions for the greater good.