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One Wiccan

Soy Candle Square Collection 220g in Five (5) Therapeutic Blended Scents

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One Wiccan presents the Soy Candle Collection in eye-catching square glass containers. But – more than the look – let this candle set invite healing into your daily life.

Choose from these specific blends:

  • CALM has sandalwood & rose scents to reduce anxiety & stress.
  • ENERGY has coffee & water mint scents to revitalize all your senses.
  • HAPPY has vanilla & lemongrass scents to clear up the mind of negative thoughts.
  • INSPIRE uses lavender sage wood to boost mental clarity & motivation.
  • SLEEP has peppermint & lavender scents to ease restlessness & induce sleep.

Finally, be assured that every One Wiccan product is energized & activated– empowering you to express your intentions for your highest good.