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One Wiccan

Space Energy Enhancing Candles 200g [in Five (5) Energies]

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Our Space Energy Enhancing Candles allows you to attract the energies you desire for your homes & space.

Align your choice of candle with your intentions whether you need peaceful, motivating, balancing or prosperous vibrations to enter into your space.

The energy each candle radiates is furthermore enhanced by its color, adhering to exact ‘candle magic’ tones. Most importantly, each candle is infused with One Wiccan’s own energies & blessings thereby amplifying this candle for its highest purpose.

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Learning & Concentration Energies

  • yellow for intelligence, learning, reason, focus
  • ideal for study areas, offices, & anywhere you would normally need to read, focus & learn
  • pine + woody-mint scented

Creativity & Wisdom Energies

  • purple for wisdom, knowledge, even psychic abilities
  • for those into creative professions or interests
  • “musk”-uline scented

Luck & Prosperity Energies

  • green for money, abundance, growth, even fertility
  • essentially ideal for every space where you desire abundance to overflow
  • sunny-pleasant citrus scented

Peace & Happiness Energies

  • pink for emotional healing, self-love, romantic love
  • best for newly-wedded couples’ homes, independents
  • great for family homes, too
  • ‘sweet-mint’ scented

Balance & Harmony Energies

  • brown for protection, stability, family
  • essential for every family home & space
  • floral tea scented

*Ensure you remove negative energies first by using One Wiccan’s Salt & California White Sage Mist, Sage Loose Leaves, or One Wiccan’s California White Sage & Dragon’s Blood Mist