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One Wiccan

Full Moon Set

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In collaboration with Divine Creations, we present the Full Moon Set.

Our Moon Candles are hand-poured under the Full Moon and energized in accordance with the seasons and signs.

Align your crystals within the sacred shapes of the Crystal Grid Boards (30cm) – energized to empower your intentions. Follow your intuition, and choose your geometry: Flower of Life (to invite healing energies), Metatron’s Cube (to give you angelic & psychic protection and wisdom), Seed of Life (depicting the fundamental forms of space and time), Sri Yantra (to just allow the Universe to restore order to your life), or Star of David (to enhance the inherent beneficial energies of your crystals).

Finally, our Moon Oil (in 5ml bottle). Let it purify and protect you from negativity. Let it heal you & give you power and energy. Drop a few on your candle/s, or a couple of drops on your carrier oils to attract abundance and positivity.