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Soy Candle Refills

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Choose from a wide scent of scents to refill your candle containers.  This is One Wiccan's commitment to preserving and honoring our Mother Earth.  You may use any container, you are not limited to using our Glasses.

Here are the steps for a refill:

  • Measure your Container (As a guide weight your container without water, then weight it with water subtract the difference that would be the weight it can contain.  As a note it won't be exact it may be more since we need to leave space for your wick.)
  • Choose Weight and Scent from the list
  • Clean your jars
  • Ship them to the address we will send to you
  • Once we receive we will measure once again and reach out should we need to adjust price
  • Once confirmed and if needed additional payment has been made allow 2-3 days to fulfill before shipping of containers back.

Note: The wax of your candles will come default in White; should you want a different color please message us after making the order.